April 8, 2010

A Great Alternative to Letting a Husky Roam - Dog Parks!

Great News! I last night I found out that there is a project in the works right now by a former co-worker of mine to build a dog park in our town. This would be perfect for Whiskey and other dogs to go to and get their run-on.

For those who aren't sure exactly what a dog park is I'll quote dogpark.com on that for you: "A dog park is a place where people and their dogs can play together. These facilities offer dogs off-leash play areas while their people enjoy the park-like setting. Amenities, such as fencing, water, parking, and even grass, vary greatly among these places, but ‘off-leash’ and ‘park’ are the key elements that dog owners (who are also taxpayers and voters) desire.

"For some dog owners, a dog park may provide the main opportunity for dog guardians to socialize with other people and their dogs, and is a primary source of recreation. We believe that they deserve to have their taxpayer dollars used towards a safe, accessible place where they can meet other people and exercise themselves and their dogs."

I hope this project can really take off and provide a perfect setting for us to take Whiskey down there regularly and let him run and play with other dogs in a safe setting.

If you are interested in getting involved there will be a meeting in a few weeks after more interest is generated here in Macon County. Your involvement would be appreciated. Let's make this happen for our furry friends.

If you do not live in our area and are interested in starting your own dog park, check out dogpark.com. They have tons of resources for starting and promoting a dog park.

If you have any questions or comments leave them below! Thanks again.


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Anonymous said...

Great news for you guys! I live in Fayetteville, NC and for the longest time we did not have a dog park. Thanksfully sone really dedicated citizens worked their butt off and we finally have an amazing park that everyone enjoys!