April 4, 2010

In the beginning... there was Whiskey

So this is the blogging world. This post is my first of what I hope will be many blog posts I plan to send out into this world. For quite awhile now my husband and I have been discussing starting a blog. We both agreed that doing it about something we are not only knowledgeable about but something we both care about would be the best path to follow.

Today we begin Patience & Advocacy: A Siberian Husky's Haven.

I'll start by telling you a little about us and our Sib, Whiskey. We live in the mountains of North Carolina. Right now my husband and I are both self-employed after working three years for a company that wasn't taking us anywhere. We sell gems and minerals on EBay, but we also do odd jobs and such.

Whiskey came to us one day roaming in the parking lot of my husband's old work building. He ran right up to Tom just begging for attention and love. Tom decided to bring him home. My first reaction when I saw him was, "Hunny, he is big!". Little did I know that he was still a puppy. We checked newspapers and shelters to see if there had been any reported missing Siberians. Nothing. Then, in mentioning to a co-worker that we had decided to keep the husky, they then told Tom that someone in a van had dumped the dog on the side of the busy highway a few days prior. He had been abandoned by the people who were suppose to love him. We knew then and there this brown-eyed/blue-eyed boy was ours.

We've had Whiskey 2.5 years now and still love him more and more everyday. He is a part of our family. The journey hasn't always been easy, though. We knew nothing about Siberian Huskies when we adopted Whiskey. They are arguably one of the hardest breeds to take care of.

This brings me to the purpose of our new blog. Patience & Advocacy. Sometimes it will be informative, other times comical, but most importantly it will raise awareness about the breed and possibly make us all better pet owners.

Feel free to follow our blog and thanks for the support!


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